Student Information

Campus and Facilities

Classrooms appropriate for face-to-face teaching and classes

Three types of classrooms are provided at the MIHE campus:

  • Lecture Rooms: Chair with tablet arm
  • Tutorial Rooms: Desk and chair
  • Computer Labs: Desk, computer chair and desktop computer.

Classroom include whiteboards and comply with 9B regulations regarding floor space per person and fresh airflow.

Classrooms equipped with relevant ICT Infrastructure

  • All classrooms are equipped with single or multiple screens and in-built audio speakers to facilitate the use of multimedia within the learning experience.
  • Computer labs include desktop computers at each workstation.
  • All classrooms include a ‘front of house’ desktop computer connected to the audiovisual system.
  • Wi-Fi is available in all classrooms.


  • Reference Books
  • Digital/Online Subscriptions
  • Computer Workstations
  • Group and Individual Workspaces
  • Library Loan Facility

Student Breakout area

The student breakout area offers students an inviting space in which to congregate outside of class time. The facility includes drinking water and basic kitchen amenities including a microwave. Vending machines for food and beverages are also located on the campus.

Separate male and female toilets

Male and female toilets are available and built-in compliance with 9B building requirements regarding occupancy levels and service provision.

Learning Management System

MIHE utilises the Canvas Learning Management System. This System is the primary platform for the provision of Teaching and Learning materials for MIHE students and includes links to online subscriptions, digital libraries, learning support software i.e. Turnitin and Academic Learning Support resources.

Full-time Librarian on-campus

A fully qualified librarian is available at the Preston campus for learning and research support. The librarian can assist with text and book enquiries for all student needs.

Free high-speed wireless internet

The campus is connected to fibre internet. Access points are installed at strategic locations throughout the campus to ensure strength of Wi-Fi signal throughout all teaching, breakout and office spaces. Internet access is available for students, staff and visitors.

Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are provided throughout the campus (refer to Campus Floor Plan for details) offering students the opportunity to work collaboratively in private spaces on the campus outside of classes.